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Digital Signature Online

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As an authorized partner to eMudhra / Capricorn, offers the lowest price in India to buy Digital Signature - both Signature and encryption combo - with free shipping of USB token.


What is Digital Signature (DSC)

A digital signature is like your unique, electronic fingerprint for documents online. It's securely stored in a USB token, ensuring your data's safety and authenticity

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Steps to buy DSC Online

Paper-less steps are now available to get a new Digital Signature. Paper-less process is faster, cheaper, and fully online.

Step 1: Enter applicant name, phone, email, and choose brand of DSC - eMudhra or Capricorn.

Step 2: After payment, receive an automatic e-mail with link to open CA Portal.

Step 3: Create KYC ID / PIN or use existing KYC ID.

Step 4: Upload PAN Card, Proof of Address, and a passport size photo. For Organization, additional documents must be uploaded.

Step 5: Record Video using phone or laptop. Read statement shown on screen.

Step 6: Certifying Authority will approve and issue Digital Signature Certificate.

Step 7: Download DSC and store on USB cryptographic token. The USB dongle must be either Hyp2003 Token (HyperPKI HYP2003 CSP India v3.0) or WatchData ProX Token (PROXKey CSP India V3.0).

What class of DSC should I buy?

DSC is now sold in only one class : Class-3. There will be no more Class-2 sold in 2021 as per CCA guidelines.

Class-3 DSC is sufficient to sign documents for a large variety of purposes - including tax returns (Income Tax /GST), invoice signing (Tally or PDF), completing Director's KYC, register new business firm on MCA Portal, applying Import Export Code (IEC), EPF Portal, etc.

Some Tender Portals require vendors to use Class-3 Digital Signature with encryption combo. Generally for tender bidders, Class-3 Combo is a safe recommended option.

What are HyperPKI or WatchData ProX tokens?

HyperPKI and WatchData ProX tokens are like special, super-secure USB thumb drive / pen drive / token. They keep your digital signature certificates safe. These keys are tough to break into, with strong passwords. They're like a vault for your signature, protecting it from thieves and viruses. Our tokens meet top-notch security standards. The tokens comply with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security standards.

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DSC for Individuals

Individuals may use DSC to file GST returns, income tax returns, signing invoices on Tally or any other accounting software, PDF signing, register new business on MCA portal, EPF, Director's KYC, and even some of the tender portals in India.

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DSC for Organizations

Tender portals in India accept Digital Signature to submit bids online. The type of applicant can be sole-proprietor, partnership firm, LLP, registered company, or trusts.

Authorized signatory for the organization must give permission for the issue of Class-3 Digital Signature to their staff.

Paper-less steps are now available to issue Class-3 Digital Signature for Organizations. DSC is available with validity period of 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years.

Applicants have option to buy only Signature, or Combo. The combo includes both Signature and Encryption. Check with Tender Inviting Authority if you need Combo.

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DSC Customer Care

DSC applicants receive premium support free of cost. Use live chat or contact support over phone or email. It is a simple experience to buy Digital Signature.

Few questions are answered in Digital Signature DSC FAQ. Got more questions? Call us or live chat for immediate response.

How to record Video for DSC?

Open the e-mail received for video recording on your smart phone or computer.
  • Record video using camera on smartphone or computer.
  • Read the statement shown on screen - loud and clear.
  • Show documents to camera - original PAN Card and Address Proof
  • Applicant face must be visible
  • Duration of video will be for 20 seconds
Video Recording has been enabled with extra 4 languages (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam), in addition to Hindi & English.

What is eKYC? for DSC

KYC stands for Know-Your-Customer. Applicants upload Pan Card or Aadhaar XML to complete eKYC online. The process is completed online with upload of PAN Card and one proof of address. No attestation is required. There is no need send physical documents.

Scanned copies to Upload:

  1. PAN Card (front side copy)
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Any One Address Proof with applicant name
    • Aadhaar eKYC
    • Driving License
    • Voter ID
    • Passport

Steps to create e-KYC account using PAN Card

  • Step 1: Fill online application form and complete payment
  • Step 2: Open the e-mail received and click on DSC link
  • Step 3: Choose option to create e-KYC as "Pan Card Based"
  • Step 4: Enter PAN Number of Applicant. Automatically, name of the PAN Card holder will be fetched.
  • Step 5: Enter address as per proof of address
  • Step 6: Create new eKYC ID and PIN. An account will be created with 2 years validity.

What is Aadhaar e-KYC XML?

It is a secure sharable document which can be used by Aadhar number holder for offline verification of Identity.

Service Providers like telecom mobile companies, Digital Signature Providers, and others can establish identify of an individual using Aadhaar eKYC XML.

The XML file contains Name, Address, Photo, Gender, DOB, registered Mobile Number, Email address of resident among other details.

Steps to download Aadhaar XML file for eKYC

It is a secure sharable document which can be used by Aadhar number holder for offline verification of Identity.

Watch Online Video on how to download Aadhaar XML File

  • Step 1: Go to URL
  • Step 2: Enter 'Aadhaar Number' or 'VID' and mentioned 'Security Code' in screen, then click on 'Send OTP'
  • Step 3: Enter the OTP received by registered Mobile Number for the given Aadhaar Number
  • Step 4: Enter a Share Code which will be password for the ZIP file and click on 'Download' button
  • Step 5: The Zip file containing the digitally signed XML will be downloaded